I’ve just found this article citing the same conne…

I’ve just found this article citing the same connections that I
have been about Fluorides !

Horrible stuff but at least I can see where my ‘problem’ fits




One thought on “I’ve just found this article citing the same conne…

  1. Wow good research DJBarney, hey I’ve noticed my health has improved 100% since drinking/cooking/washing in only the rain and sea water (sea water filtered, cleansed and straight to the tap.

    Flouride was a big thing also for me to understand how the depressions and the like have completely gone since moving to St Kitt’s.

    The evidence you have unearthed in your blog, are a direct smoking gun to the arrogance and to coin the obvious word EVIL GOVERMENTS who know and insidiously carry on this poisoning of the masses to make money for medical health care, mental healthcare and also IF I’m right too, pacify the people!

    EVIL EVIL EVIL, If you need another set of eyes to research anything shout me bro…

    Gotta pull together to get these arrogant selfish people brought to justice!

    Hey, r.e. the DJ’ing, I use PCDJ Red on a big system, I’m gonna experiment with two high end sound cards for processing and mixing, one for STEREO playback and one for mixing the sound through the headphones…

    I would like an AMERICAN CD MP3 DJ system, with real time decks for scratching, positioning, well you get the idea.

    Currently mixing up ‘Welome to JamRock’ good hiphop/reggae chune, that leaves me smiling with the message carried, done know what I mean ;)…

    J aka ‘Brian’

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