Wow…that last post seems extreme now I read it again…but
I stand by what I’ve said. This has been an extreme situation
in a lot of ways for me…but I think I’m over the worst…

Well..I looked in my Cabin E14…and I found the Future.

From darkness into light ?



2 thoughts on “Well..

  1. DJB…back to lucid..good on you. Glad to see you have an open mind on issues like HAARP and Chemtrails. May I suggest you do a search on Dr. Mercola and once you find his website do a search on mycoplasma. I posted this to my website, and when I revisited Mercola, he had taken his stuff down. Maybe the fact that AIDS and most heart disease being caused by military experimentation was a bit much but that’s what he documents.

  2. Thanks ericswan :-)

    I’ll have a look at the site.

    Sadly, yes, the worst is true. We are
    being poisoned, etc, etc, but we have some
    very real treatments now for this kind
    of damage.

    I think ‘TPTB’ want us to focus on the horror
    of what they’re doing….instead of the
    huge shifts in health awareness
    and incredibly positive things

    Why is Lovelock of the Gaia hypothesis
    talking about ‘billions dying’ within
    a few decades ? Sure this is serious,
    but there are HUGE solutions that are
    with us NOW ! What happened to Lovelock ?


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