This Boob is Moving On

The title is a quote from the comedy series Cheers BTW.

I’ve now got off my anti-depressant and have been taking natural
therapies for two months.

The change is amazing ! I’ve been able to give up cannabis
and tobacco. I have feelings coming back that I never new existed,
emotional and physical.

There is a difficult side. I sometimes feel somewhat ‘odd’.
This is because I’ve spent 16 years being in a particular
state from the drug I was given. To be specific, high levels
of serotonin because the drug damaged parts of the neurons
in my brain that take up serotonin.

This is a huge change…but not a moment too soon. I’d like
to mention the literally thousands of people who have
helped me to this point over the years through some small
comment or larger help….it has all ‘conspired’ to wake
me up!

Love also goes out to those too scared to face the truth of
my position and their own problems. Some of us, including
myself, become frustrated by those who seem ‘unreachable’
in the face of world problems desperately needing brave
souls to understand and listen. Never give up ! It all
works out in the end…the most ‘evil’ people can come
round…and the brightest and best can make the most awafull
mistakes….it’s a mysterious process.

Suffice to say I am starting to enjoy engaging with life
direct rather than with some kind of fog in the way. And
when I’m ready I’ll be campaigning full on to help break
out more of those people in a closed down emotional state
we call….”the Matrix”.


One thought on “This Boob is Moving On

  1. I’m going to turn you into someone that would choose pills by the “colour”
    You would be surprised by all the different reasons people take wildly different psychoactive drugs!!
    Where’s that Spirit of Enterprise that could drink Klingon’s under the table ??
    Think about it and don’t be too serious about it !!

    Got any Atavan ??

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