I’m not the only one…

I don’t like using other people’s suffering to make a
point, but in this case I think it’s justified.

State-sponsored medical terrorism: Texas authorities arrest parents, kidnap their teenage daughter, and force her through chemotherapy against her will


I posted about this on FSHOD last year. I’m glad they got
some legal redress…but even the Judge STILL thought she
needed to have the damn TOXIC chemotherapy….DUH!

This is exactly what happened to me…coincidently, last
year (was it after posting about this? I can’t remember the
exact dates now). But as it says in the above article….a
government agency…in this case British Police was co-erced
to force me into a health damaging toxic treatment against
my will. In this case the treatment was’nt chemotherapy but
anti-psychotic drugs. The story is basically the same though.

Unfortunately I did’nt have the support of my family !
I don’t know how I’ve managed…in fact good ‘ol fSHOD
became my supporting ‘surrogate’ family ! So thanks crew!
You are the best !

I can only equate my experiences to those endured by dissidents
in the former Soviet Union..with the gulag being the mental
hospital in this case.

I would chastise anyone to be extremely carefull if you are
in a similiar situation because I have been extremely niave
and innocent about the lethal danger these people represent.
It’s tempting to become very vocal and argumentative about
this health subject, but as the Health Ranger says…95% of
people just are’nt ready to face this….yet! People can
even get the wrong idea and work against you with these nasty
authorities…something that was generating a lot of hate
from me against the general population…this has now,
thankfully, stopped in me. I can see that sadly, most people
have been co-erced by this nasty system….FOR THE MOMENT !

Comments ?


PS BTW A good intro to The Health Ranger and the News Target
Network and Truth Publishing, etc is http://www.newstarget.com/019884.html


3 thoughts on “I’m not the only one…

  1. So you say you are being targeted along with everyone else.

    Just use Dope Pills by what colour you feel like using.

    The Creator made all of Chemistry’s inventions.

  2. DjB, we is all just one person each.

    A Dr, A politician, policeman etc… they are all just one person each.

    Point is, they are NOT you or me.

    As a unique individual, I have learned how to take care of myself as proffesionally and carefully as I can.

    I am responsible for myself at all times. I have to be. No Dr or Professor or Surgeon is ever going to care about health and self as much as I have to…

    …after all, it is just myself living in these bones and skin, not the Dr… he has his own issues and reality bubble…

    Don’t be a target, be a pillar of fundamental truth. It will set all free of the arrogant, supposingly know it all eejits!

    Children today are targetting by selfish, greedy adults. Who THINK they know better. The continual onslaught of Advertising and consumerism, is enslaving all vulnerable minds to a flawed $y$tem. Teach in truth and love. Treat all with neighbourly affection; strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet… not someone to sell too…

    1 L DjB, keep waking people up… good work!

  3. Thankyou Jas :-)

    Sagely comments as usual.

    > Don’t be a target, be a
    > pillar of fundamental
    > truth.

    I think I’m beginning to grasp that. When that
    happens these idiots seem
    to go a running…ie AWAY
    from me. Ha! Ha!



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