Beware The WatchCat !


4 thoughts on “Beware The WatchCat !

  1. DJB,
    Damn nice blog ya got here if I say so myself. Spent a few hours in connection with your blog yesterday. Amazing what happens when the mind is freed!!!

    Ms. T

  2. Thanks Ms .T !

    I’m still trying to get proper print
    out’s of these articles for my portfolio.
    I have to go
    to my local printer and get him to
    download and convert for a quality
    print out…there are some annoying
    technicalities with printing web pages.

    Bogle Eye..the Himalayan Cat…say’s
    Meouw :-P


  3. Nice blog, djbarney, stay strong.

    This paragraph from a new essay by Paul Levy relates well to writing on my blogspot..

    Triggered by Evil

    “As we become more deeply acquainted with the evil within us, it is discovered to be a potential catalyst for the growth and expansion of consciousness, which is to say that evil ultimately serves the good. Jung recognized that whenever evil appeared in an individual person’s process, some deeper good always came out of the experience that would not have emerged without the manifestation of evil. Could the same thing be true on a collective scale? To quote Jung, “we assiduously avoid investigating whether in this very power of evil God might not have placed some special purpose which it is most important for us to know.” We would not have had an expansion of consciousness if it weren’t for the emergence of evil and our struggles with it. In Goethe’s masterpiece “Faust,” Faust asks Mephistopheles (who represents the Devil) who he is, and Mephistopheles replies that he is “part of that force which would do evil, yet forever works the good.” In coming to terms with evil, evil is recognized to play a key role in the divine mystery of the Incarnation (of God) through humanity.”

    Thank-you for your time.

  4. Thanks :-D

    Your point…

    It has a name.

    It’s called Taoism.

    The Chinese Sages already DID the

    Western society INSISTS on re-inventing
    the wheel…over and over!

    “My wheel turns better than yours”.

    “My wheel is more round”.

    As far as I understand it all they were
    concerned with was (is?) making
    a fairly stable society…A society
    where you can bring up your children
    without constant disruptions.

    The esoterisism and “wierd stuff”
    is only necessary to maintain that
    BALANCE (from the sages point of view). To the “average man” that kind
    of “stuff” is irrelevant.

    You see, it’s all so a couple of
    kids can play in a field, in the sun…in PEACE.

    They need know nothing of the
    difficult job of The Sage (unless
    it becomes their calling).


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