A New Start.

Hello…Wordpress users!

And hello to any subscribed Blogger readers….hope you made it…you can let go of your hat now! :)

I have escaped from Blogger!

I spent years scraping with a teaspoon at their chaotic scripts that don’t even validate…Now I am free! Ba…Ha! Ha! HA!

Hopefully WordPress will be much better with it’s xml validated features, I just hope I’ve made the right choice. Suffice to say I’ve just imported a load of posts from http://djbarney24.blogspot.com so regard this blog as “under construction”.

Now I have to get this iron off my ankle..he he



2 thoughts on “A New Start.

  1. Hey DJBarney,
    Glad you made it out of Blogger land. LOL!!! I have a netfirms account that has wordpress. I haven’t figured out how to use it yet. Did you do this yourself? Hope all is going well with you. I miss ya friend. I know your new srart will be great and a chance for more growth. Change has a way of doing that. Anyway, hugggss to ya. I’ll be checking back to see what all is up with you. I could use a little help with wordpress as well if u know how to do it. U got my email addy.

    1L and Peace,


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