Threads Of Destiny: George Lucas Finds Worthy Apprentices?

I have a new blog in production that, like some of my other posts, uses screenshots from various films or series to comment on difficult to engage with subjects. In the meantime I could’nt resist posting about this…

Threads Of Destiny

Have a look at their MySpace page !

Here’s a YouTube “teaser” video.

This is from the My Space page….

” :::::::[F.A.Q.]:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Why is George Lucas letting you do this? / Does he know?
George Lucas has given his word that all people who wish to make fictitious work out of Star Wars are free to do so, may it be film or text, as long as there is no economical profit that is being gained from it. And no we have no idea if the man himself knows anything about it, but we do know that he does hand out his own “George Lucas Selects” award at’s annual Star Wars fan film awards(the only place where you’re allowed to earn money on Star Wars fan films).

Is Mr Lucas releasing the reigns on his Universe a little ? Maybe more than I think…I did’nt know about the fan film awards! I remember some striking Unreal Tournament maps produced by Pat “Bad Karma” Fitzimmons, that although based on scenes from the films were all his own modelling and texturing work. He was pounced on by Lucas Arts, even though he was not making any money from his maps. So hopefully things have loosened up a bit :)

Anyway, this fan produced film looks to be very high quality. I heard a rumour that Lucas has a Star Wars TV series in the works…but this looks just as interesting!


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