Egyptian “Stylised” Figures Code Understood.

Hello again readers.

I bet you’ve seen endless depictions of the Human form in Egyptian artwork, right ? I bet you thought, like me, that their “stylised” way of drawing that form was a “primitive” way of them depicting human figures …. right ?

Well, this is just funny. Maybe you have to read “Jesus And The Goddess” to understand this, but you might get it instinctively.

The Egyptians had a common understanding of “God”, what they called “Atum”, to be that Universal Mind that is common to us all. Each of us is an individual with his own styles and habits, but also is part of the “greater mind” of Atum.

Now, look carefully at the following image.


The Human in it, in this case a “high official” who lived a hundred years before Tutankhamun 1 , is drawn in the “standard” style with everything “side on”, especially the eye. This is not some accident. In fact look at the eye in the Hieroglyphics right next to it. It is the same syle. This is no coincidence ! Those eye’s are a symbol for Atum. The mind that we are all part of. Look at other Egyptian works you will see the same symbolism. On the “burial” masks. Many places.

I’m not saying I have “discovered” this. I’m sure there must be descriptions of this in current Egyptology, I just hav’nt seen it.

So watch out ! Atum is everywhere. He he.

DJ Barney


1. This interpretation may have changed. This is from a rather old book. “Treasures of Tutankhamun” 1972, The British Museum. The image is also from this book.

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