SOLIDARITY: I declare Brotherhood with the Iraqi people.

I cannot understand what they have been through and are going through, but I stand with them. I have fought my own sort of battle that maybe an Iraqi would not understand. The comparison of a fight with a corrupt Health Industry and the illegal invasion of a country may seem like a strange comparison, but the results of both are no less life threatening or health destroying. I am disgusted by both the way people are treated by what is laughingly called a “Health” profession AND the cynical manipulation of millions of people’s life’s in Iraq. But maybe if we can stand TOGETHER. Both “sides” TOGETHER, then we can make things better. The “corrupt West” or the “fanatical Terrorist” East, BOTH are an illusion. The suffering we see today reflects a terrible failure to see the miracles of life for what they are, and a failure by some of us to step in and help those who have lost their way so shockingly, that they have the arrogant presumption that they can “bring peace through war”, or “health through poison”.

We must work TOGETHER !


 I have also published this message on my website. In another post I will investigate the details about Michael Moore’s new film “SiCKO“, about the (Un)Health Industry. Mr Moore won a P’alm Palme d’Or, the highest award of the Cannes film festival, for his film “Bowling for Columbine”.

Now Mr Moore has found the missing jigsaw puzzle piece of the Columbine Highschool shootings. The kids who shot people were taking “Antidepressants”. Apart from the western obsession with guns and violence the drugs put these kids in an altered state of reality where they were capable of carrying out the most bizaare acts. Now Mr Moore has found this out (from Dr Tracy of , amongst others ) I wonder what is going to happen. With a Director on the case with this much clout, maybe some people will be gently nudged out of their sleep while people are going really insane around them BECAUSE of the drug companies. The drug companies CREATE “mad people” and psychotics to give themselves a market for their drugs, which in turn creates more of the same, profoundly damaging and disturbing sufferring. I’m afraid it really is that cynical.

But the worse it gets the more tenacious some people seem to get. It is definitely down to many people’s REFUSAL to drop the ball that has led to people like Michael Moore finding out the “hideuos secret” at the heart of the “Western myth”. Maybe now people can begin to wakeup and find that they don’t live in what they’ve been assured are the freest countries on Earth ! In fact they are the most corrupt, lying and flawed “democracies” on this planet. Pickled in a sea of mis and dis-information, myths and just plain ignorance. But with facing a terrible truth comes the possibility of doing somehting about it. Of moving on. Of creating a world where children can grow up to discover their FULL POTENTIAL. Not this cynical resentment that many adults are left with.

There is ALWAYS a better way.

There is ALWAYS a way through.

DJ Barney 

PostScript: Ha! Ha! This is funny. I was just reading the Wiki article and Mr Moore mentions he asked for stories to be sent to him. I sent him a story in April 2006 about me being medicated when I was 6 and how it nearly killed me, and much more (yes, and you did read that right!). Anyway, I’d forgotten about the email ! Partly as a result of the drugs that I’ve been given. They play havoc with your memory. So, there you go. Check his website, and the SiCKO film has been selected for Cannes!

It’s also nice to see a heavy dose (?) of humour being used….

“When asked about this movie, Michael Moore said, “If people ask, we tell them ‘Sicko’ is a comedy about 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on Earth.

Read that CAREFULLY. He he.

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