We Win!


We Win!

After my image-less, slightly over excited last post , I thought I’d make a more cohesive attempt at…. well, HOPE.

Home to Chagos at Last?


A story can have a happy ending. These people fought for decades to regain their home. Maybe I should keep their story in mind while I write the following.

Michael Moore Talks “SiCKO” on Real Time


An “impossible” situation can be fought. A few years ago I thought the “Health Industry” had it all sewn up. Medicate people who are either too young or uninformed to know how evil these people are and watch the money role on in. Anyone who has a problem will be so ill from the pills that they won’t be able to fight back or even be able to remember where things went wrong. Anyone who won’t stand for it can just be written off as a “casualty of science”. You see, they say “in just a few years we will have the cures for Cancer, Aids, Mental Illness” …. but, hey, hang on, didn’t they say that a few years ago, and then a few years before that ? “We’re almost there” they reply. Who are these people ?

But as is so often in the history of the Human race, there are tenacious survivors and the “evil one’s” don’t always have things as sewn up as they think. So now we have a situation where it is WELL KNOWN that this is all a HUGE problem (see the headlines below). We have many people who are aware of the situation and are determined to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves because they have often been so abused by this SICK health service. There is another group of people who seem to suffer from a form of “selective memory syndrome” where they can only remember the positive things about the pills. Have they been watching too many adverts ?

Just to highlight the seriousness of this situation consider the following news.

Death sentence for drugs chief who took bribes to clear killer medicines.


So China, despite human rights problems can get it’s act together and protect it’s citizens ! This guy was doing EXACTLY what is going on in the West. In the USA. In the UK. In other countries. People suffer terribly and die every day because of faulty medicines that have “side effects” that have been passed by people that have seen the reports that prove that Prozac, for example, carries an increased suicide risk. If you don’t believe me then look at the warnings on the labels. In the UK, antidepressants were BANNED for use in under 18’s because of a suicide risk. So look at the following and headlines and read the articles. If you work for the Pharmaceutical industry or your local Doctor or Psychiatrist, think to yourself, “what would I have done to help this situation when the shit hits the fan?” …. “where will I stand when people start being arrested?”… because I can guarantee that this will happen. These people are in a LOT of trouble. A lot of people have lost their life’s because of all this, and worse. There are ALWAYS consequences and there are going to be a lot of them from this, believe me.

Fears of self-harm prompt drug curb for young


Self harm ? Caused by a medication that is supposed to help young people ? Where are the Police cars ? The handcuffs ? Why are’nt the sellers and inventors on the run ? Do we let people hurt our children these days and then reward them with fat salaries on the NHS using OUR hard earned tax money ?

50,000 children taking antidepressants


Some of them as young as six according to the article. Why aren’t we rioting in the streets ? These suicide causing, self harm causing drugs are being given to SIX year olds ? Have we entered the twlight zone ? This is a war against the young ! I know that these drugs cause serious long term effects ( see http://www.drugawareness.org ).

Prozac must have suicide warning


For a treatment that is supposed to be for people already suffering form serious life problems you’d think that the whole shebang would have been shut down years ago. But no, just business as usual. Absurd. What’s next ? “Health Warning: This Medication May Kill!”. Why not just give people cigarette’s ? Welcome to THE PHARMA WAR. These “medications” are CHEMICAL WEAPONS and it’s about time YOU woke up before it’s too late..

Mood drug Seroxat banned for under-18s


So we know it’s BAD … right ?! I will not be polite about this situation any more. I will not put up with people telling me that “antidepressants help people” and these are just “side effects”. They are the most disgusting lies I’ve ever heard in my life! As Michael Moore says … “They are getting away with Murder”.

But beside my anger, is a situation that, at least seems to have some breathing space now. Maybe the first step in stopping The Pharma Wars is recognising that there are very real casualties in this battle.

Protesters acquitted of sabotaging US bombers


In another, more conventional, war that many, I suspect think they “can nothing about”, we have another extraordinary headline. The Court, in this case, deemed that these protesters were stopping an illegal act by damaging hardware to be used in the War in Iraq.

What are we to learn from all this ? Every time I have survived some kind of extreme situation I have found that I’ve had far more power than I’ve ever been taught. If it’s Pharma, or Wars, or corruption, even just a problem in your neighborhood, NONE of these problems would exist if people would take their power, work together and vanquish these evil ways. When the real light of humanity shines then the devils shrink away into their slimey pits that they slivered out of in the first place. It’s as simple as that !

DJ Barney


Postscript: During my follow up work on my article I came across this which has surely been very unreported in my country, if at all. This is a very profound news item, in my opinion. ( BMJ = The British Medical Journal ).

BMJ pays out to doctor over ‘child death’ story


Here is the website of the poor Doctor slandered by the BMJ. I know this case. This young German lad was shamefully treated by the medical profession and died at their hands. Dr Rath obviously did everything in his power to save him, but to no avail. This ruling can only serve to show that under the rule of law the shocking tactics of the “health” industry troops are completely illegal and should be ended as soon as possible.


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