A Rude Awakening

You know I wasn’t doing too bad. I had my problems, but I was working through them slowly. I was set back by my Mother’s death in 1992, but these things happen. One has to take responsibility for these things and move on.

I used to believe so many things, and I could name them all here, but all you’d have to do is it type “DJ Barney” into Google and the whole hideous mess will come up …. LOL ! (as they say in chat rooms) . So let it be a lesson to you !

Now I have less illusions. I realise I was turning into the most ridiculous idiot on the Planet. Now I realise there are some “angels of deception” out there who will tell you that they are the kindest person alive when they are really, very, very evil. Evil ? Yes. Because they don’t listen to advice. They deceive other people and prey on the weak. The fallen who are so damaged they can’t tell what is being done to them, or even defend themselves.

But the “Rancour Monster” must be kpet locked up ! Now I am moving onto Mars exploration. Releasing music. This is real. This is “Star Wars” come into reality. Star Trek world was here all along, and we’re sitting RIGHT on top of what we’ve been looking for. Always have been !

So break out the Gargle Blaster Cocktails, put on some music. Here we are.

DJ Barney


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