Year Zero

I’ve rediscovered Jungian Psychology. In 1919 Jung put forward his theory of the Subconscious. You’d think by now some of it might have begun to sink in. Around the same time Einstein was formulating his equations. It seems we get to hear about E = MC² but I’m hearing the mention of Jung and Archetypes much less now than I used to. What is going on ?

I feel this terrible restlessness. There is a rush to get into space, to settle Mars. Not that we’ve only just got to the point that we can see what we’re doing with the technological exploration of space after millions of years of looking up at the stars and wondering.

But that kind of reflective “I’m a part of a trillion year historical process” outlook seems shockingly absent from many of our endeavours today. Was it the end of the Cold War that did it ? Was “time reset” in about 1992 ?

I wonder if this is really very serious actually. Where are we heading ? I see many people actively avoiding their subconscious , just like they avoid looking back at history and our place in it. In Jungian Psychology this is very dangerous. You can end up becoming this lonely, disconnected individual, bobbing around on an Ocean of the Subconscious. But with a rounded, open, healthy Jungian outlook though … you BECOME the Ocean.

I wonder what will happen the more this kind of denial goes on. I don’t like predicting disasters, but there is at least a danger here. With the huge pressures of our times. Space exploration, an ever more connected “Global Village”. Serious problems to attend to like Darfur, or Poverty, Climate Change. This put’s an ever increasing pressure on that little man in the boat. The more he denies that Ocean the more likely it is to rise up in revolt and swamp him in unfaced psychological material.

The last thing I want is for some of the incredibly positive things that are happening now to be swamped by some stupid inability to look at a Science that has been finely honed in the last 90 years (or 9000 as Jung might argue ). I hear so much about our great Science. It’s ability to put man in space. How soon we will cure Cancer or Aids ? Now we are decoding DNA… but where… where ?! My dear fellow human beings, is the debate about our MINDS and what is going on with them at the moment ?

DJ Barney

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