New Ideas A Far Cry Away In Game Development ?


As much as I like the look of the new Far Cry 2 and Crysis, I wonder why we’re using these very advanced, highly interesting new engines, to basically, recreate DOOM again, if you think about it. Again ? And again ?

The new Far Cry 2 engine can seamlessly integrate scenes over a virtual 50 km play area … no more loading screens presumably. So using the incredible atmosphere that can be made using the “first person” paradigm, and all of that technology, it should be possible to produce masterpieces of virtual story telling . I haven’t seen all the games out there, but I haven’t really seen anything that does this without resorting to the perma gun model stuck to the front of your view. Don’t get me wrong, I love being destructive ! But I also like exploring and learning new things. An environment could combine story telling, cinematic elements, action, cultural, historical, emotional, artistic and social characteristics that of course would be as engaging as any number of guns and explosions. Think of real life. How often have you been transfixed by a sport, a trek in the hills, a religious experience, learning about a new culture ? Funny, I don’t see any guns involved. Why is the violence/gun angle CONSTANTLY being pushed by these game companies to often very young people. Shouldn’t there be some kind of social responsibility here ? You might say “that doesn’t sell”, but I think you’d be surprised. Market a good game idea properly that doesn’t involve guns, and I think it would be a breath of fresh air to most gamers.

DJ Barney

Far Cry 2 Developers Blog


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