All The Old Predictions Are Coming True

Just a brief post here, that I will flesh out later.

I am no New Ager and have been critical of many of those areas, but I’ve heard the myths of the “Inner Earth”, or “Atlantis” like anyone else.

Those predictions are coming true ! Look at the crystals below. Wonders that not many imagined in their wildest dreams would be down there in the depths of the earth. Crystals the size of canoes, larger !

What about the discovery of settlements that once existed a few thousand years ago ? In the channel, here in the UK, or off the coast of Wales ? I’ll flesh out the details later, but I have news releases and photos in my archive.

There are other settlements that were buried under the sea, like Atlantis. Atlantis is rumoured in myth to be a period of high culture and technology, as well as trade. In fact this is exactly what we find. An ancient world of cultures connected by trade and shared beliefs. A lot like today ? How ironic that just as this seems to be becoming clear, we again face rising sea levels.

What about Aliester Crowley and his “Great Work”, and the work of other “Magicians”, and Visionaries. These people are the real Gandalf like characters, truly fighting for Humanity. What do we see now, but successful space missions that are bringing new understanding and cooperation to our world ? Isn’t this what they were fighting for ? Where are the world wide parties ? The gathering of visionaries and mystics ? The ecstatic individuals spreading the good news that we have made it ! (So far, at least).

What kind of historical juncture is this anyway ? After millennia of human history. Wars, successes, sadnesses and joys. Billions of people pouring across the world stage of history. All taking place on this sphere, until we reach the space age and we can look down, whether directly or indirectly through photos and videos. An event that has never taken place before in the history of this entire planet ! Why isn’t there more about this out there ?

Have we been buried in a sea of Science Fiction so we can no longer see reality ? Are we so buried in our Star Wars or Star Trek fantasies that we can’t see that what those creations are telling us is happening now ? I enjoy that media as much as anyone else, but there is a famous quote from the Buddha. When a raft has served it’s purpose, and it has got you to the island, do you drag it all the way across that big island ? Or do leave it and build another one when you need to ?

DJ Barney


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