The Far Cry Level and the Singing Dunes

I’m in the middle of putting together a Far Cry map that is set in the desert.

I was looking for some desert sound recordings to use as sound effects in the map and ran across something I’ve seen before in passing but had forgotten about. Deserts are known for making some very strange noises as well as rumbling sounds that can be heard for miles. This is all down to the sand, but just like the crystals in a previous post of mine, Science cannot explain what is going on. There are some echoes here of The Ancient Egyptians and the rumours of what they could do with sand.

Singing Sand Dunes: The Mystery of Desert Music

The troubled song of the sand dunes

The two Scientists investigating this sand fell out over their different theories although the two theories seem interlinked. The Scientific zeal to explain it interests me. It reminds me of the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Sacred Ground”, that examines the limits of Science and how we can hypnotise ourselves into believing we can explain everything. Further, how that can blind us to actual solutions that get things done !

DJ Barney


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