A Solution To Global Warming. A New Supply Of Energy to Replace Oil.

.. YOU are the solution to these problems !

We trekked across glaciers, discovered Art and Consciousness in the flickering of candles over fine art on cave walls. We made mistakes that decimated societies that today we regard as “primitives”. But modern society looks back to those “primitives” as The Ancients. Societies and civilisations that we can trace our current modern technology directly back to. These people were as sophisticated as we are, maybe more so in some ways. Artefacts like the Antikythera Mechanism are not some “anomalous” find or weird evidence used by some kook to push their latest wacky theory. Our journey is as much of a journey into the past as it is into the future. I could wax lyrical for a few more paragraphs, but I think anyone should be able to see that we live in a huge, ever changing dynamic system where everything is connected, how ever small. Science calls it the “Space Time Continuum”, Religion hints at it’s existence as God, or Karma. Fiction describes it as The Force, or you could just say it’s simple human collaboration. How ever you describe it, there is no discovery, regardless of it being technological, emotional, of the mind, or whatever, that has not reached the point it is at, by the labour of countless individuals, the rise and falls of entire societies and civilisations.

This is the disease of our time. The pure ignorance of daring to forget that we are NOT separate from the past, or even from the future.

Now we face Global Warming from the results of industry that we did not clean up because we were distracted by politics. We suffocate in entire lakes of Oil, too blind of lazy to lift our eye’s to the light for a moment and think. While we thrash around in our insufferable apathy we leave room for the doomsayers to weave their poisonous philosophies.

“There’s too many of us!” … they say. “Millions will be destroyed by future wars over water and energy”. You can almost hear the disturbing interlocking of their suggestions. Global Warming … too much Oil … easy, just watch the excess masses destroy themselves in the ensuing disasters. A disgusting philosophy… but….


These arguments fail to figure-in, SPACE. Anyone would think we live in a bubble, not a Planet with an atmosphere that can be penetrated with relative ease by an asteroid, or a launching rocket. You’d think in the Space Age, people would catch on faster, well, maybe they are. Now we have the Google Lunar X Prize that follows in the steps of the Ansari X PRIZE that has given us SpaceShipOne and now Virgin Galactic who are building a very real commercial Space Port in New Mexico.

Watch The Longest Day, or A Bridge Too Far. Better still read the historical books these films are based on. D-Day, Normandy, 6th June 1944. Millions of soldiers, thousands of ships. Artificial harbours with literally miles of pontoons. They were fighting for us. So we can rove across the face of Mars, or look down from satellites. So we can watch astronauts flying like Angels through the interior of the International Space Station.

Someone said that the price of freedom is that you have to be forever vigilant. Let’s not miss, or fail to help the successes of our times.

DJ Barney


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