I Threw my Ecologist Magazine Across the Room.

So the Aluminium industry is out to destroy the wilderness. Average joe holiday maker and business traveller is an evil conspiracy to destroy the Planet. Gordon Brown makes statements about Global Warming and then gives the go ahead for another runway … gosh … we’ve never heard this before, have we ? Political double standards, lies. Oh come on guys.

I appreciate the intentions … but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You say that terrorism worries are unjustified at a Heathrow protest because you are all “nice people”. Believe me, some of the “nice’est” people can be the worst walking disaster zones. Grow up.

You throw up industries as “evil”. You slander the average working man as some kind of Death Star like planet destroyer ! Have you tried communicating with these people ? You might find they are trying their best in a difficult system. You might find that the Aluminium bussiness men or investors might actually want to clean up their act …. if they’re not getting angry because you slate them as “bad people”.

Come on guys, give ya best. Rejoin us and we’ll rejoin you. United we stand !

DJ Barney


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