Climate Change Log Jam

Balls! The Climate Change debate is dead. You know why… the problem is US. We can’t seem to find the maturity to debate this issue like adults without reaching for all the most aggravating words we can find to upset everyone. Western countries “that have already industrialised and are imposing their will on less industrialised nations”. Talk about dragging up a side of the issue so contentious that it involves racism, exploitation and hypocrisy, all at the same time !

What about the oft heard retort from some quarters of “how dare you ask me to change my lifestyle”.Youtube videos are produced showing how the Sun is heating up anyway … so everything MUST be OK.

You see, now I’m doing it. Why does this issue seem to be such a rats nest of every contentious issue ever invented by Man ?

Well, here is my attempt to cut to the chase …

Climate change has NOTHING to do with the Sun, CO2, O2, factories, forests, or oceans, or climate models, or ANY of that.

The “problem” is US.

We fail to talk in HOLISTIC ways about our home planet. The debate always seems to try and pin down one cause, or one approach. We’re going to spend from now until the end of time on that debate ! Like our own minds and brains, a lot of what we call consciousness or a “Gaian” planetary system is “emergent” behaviour arising out of a complex system. A fancy Scientific term for “actually we don’t know”.

Maybe we should take drastic action anyway on climate change, in my opinion. What happened to the precautionary principle ? With the help of the countries that encompass them, protect the Amazon, African and Asian rain forests forever as international bioreserves.

If we can start building plans for a return to the moon (NASA’s “Constellation“) then why ON EARTH can’t we put together an international project to find a replacement for the petrol engine AND apply it’s use without ruining oil based economies ? We can spend from here to eternity debating if that’s the right approach. To me it would seem to be a common sense place to start and then other things will follow.

It’s about time we get our act together … properly this time.

DJ Barney


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