Team America: World Police on Autopilot

US imposes sanctions on Iran

I guess some people don’t watch NASA TV. They aren’t so inspired by the developing Space Age that they realise that old Earth-Centric ways of doing things are beginning to look rather outdated.

Some people think that monolithic, brute force ways of doing things are still valid, even though the only time that last worked was D-Day WW2.

Give ’em all a copy of the latest violent military video game, that’s what I say. Put in models of Osama Bin Laden, or, even better the President of Iran and let them at ’em ! I think this is what this is all about, is’nt it ? Some people want to play at being World Policeman and have some darn good rabble raising fun as part of the action. Unfortunately they seem to be following a video game someone is piping into their “full spectrum” soldier computer visualisation head set.

The following in game screenshots are from the video game Breed“.

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wake up guys!

Maybe after 911 there was a shred … oh a little shred of a reason, for a military response, but now. We need another way.

“So tell us Barney”… I can hear them say. “Tell us what this other way is if you’re so intelligent”.

Well, I’ll tell you what … I don’t know ! If I did then I’d be employed by the Pentagon … right ? (Wait a moment … checks CV). But CRIPES! If we can put Shuttle’s and Space Stations in orbit, then we can as sure as HELL work out how to deal with a country like Iran … or even an administration in the USA who won’t listen to advice.

Go on guys. Be a chump. Take a risk !

DJ Barney

Addenum: I was just listening to the BBC Radio 4 news about this and we got a perfect mixed message from the US administration…

“The US is fully committed to diplomacy …”.


” … but the time for diplomacy is over.”.

Read: “My office is always open” as someone said (I didn’t get the names unfortunately) …” long as you agree to all OUR terms 100%”.

There you go … there’s your diplomacy.


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