Sailing the Seas of Change

Listen ( ) to some of those 80’s pop hits and do you notice something ? A melody ? The driving anthems of Duran Duran ? The clever pop stories of Eurythmics ?


The 80’s was when I was a teenager. The 80’s did’nt seem freer and more open because I was a teenager, they were freer and more open. Why ? Thatcher’ism mate.

I’ve had my Politics all arse over backwards. You see, Labour and Socialism want to “make life better” by controlling people through big government. Look at Gordon Browns control freak rule over the treasury. The endless laws and “guidelines”. The microscopic control of the way people do things. Slowly demoralising them because they are never allowed to take control themselves. Never allowed to make things the way they know they should be because they are the one’s in the field, so to speak. Look at the failures of government we have seen recently. Badly released asylum seeker figures. Northern Rock. The bottom falling out of the whole thing with the loss of child benefit data.

It’s all the wrong way round ! The Conservatives … the “Right Wing” put power back into the hands of the individual. They can see that big government does not work. People don’t respond well to being forced to do things. Let people be free and there is usually a drift towards an Egalitarian, open culture. Look at Linux. The Left Wing, Socialist control freaks thought that opening code bases would lead to a “digital anarchy”. Now we know that although it is sometimes easier for the minority to exploit an open system of development, overall, people cooperate and something wonderful is produced. The same with Wikipedia. Sometimes, like Linux, mistaken for a “Socialist Experiment”. Actually it is in line with Thatcherism (I wonder if she knows about Wikipedia… there’s a thought!).

So what was that about the “Greedy 80’s” ? Isn’t that a term made up by scrooge like Left’ists who assume that as soon as anyone has some real freedom that they will all run off and start back stabbing and manipulating one another. Hoarding all their profits at the expense of everyone. What a sad assumption about human behaviour ! Of course, there is a dark side. With more freedom comes more responsibility, and maybe a few people willing to exploit that freedom, but at least that will be out in the open.

I’m with Phil Hendrie. I think we are seeing a massive failure of the Left. The have been setting themselves up for years as “anti war”, the “nice guys”. The right Wing were greedy back stabbing bastards. You couldn’t trust them. The Left would protect us from the Right. The abberration to all this is Tony Blair. While leaving Gordon Brown to pump out the real Labour machinery, he did what any good leader does, regardless of his party. He took control of maybe the most serious situation that we’ve faced since the beginning of the Cold War in 1945. The War on Terror. So, after at first being dead against good ‘ol guitar strumming Tony, now I think I owe him an apology of sorts. He pulled of the impossible in the face of oppositions from the Country and his Party ! So take a puff on that pipe, Bob!

So the tide is turning. I had my 80’s heaven and then my 90’s hell. I don’t think that was any coincidence in Political terms. The hash pipe smoking “peace loving” hippie left wingers have been telling us that the far right is taking over since 911, while that right fight the WOT and given us the option of a less controlling government.

So turn the tables. Turn that egg timer up the other way. Stand on your head! It’s all been the wrong way round !

DJ Barney


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