This is Not a Game II

Funny how these things work. I’ve just been setting up the intimidating Battlefield 2 game …. so resource hungry that I had to turn to a tweak guide. I download a PDF and what do I find ? The author is Koroush Ghazi, seemingly an Australian / Iranian.


( koroush )

The PDF has a dedication … “In honour of 2,500 years of Persian culture. Dedicated to the noble ideas of Cyrus the Great.” Cyrus wrote “the first charter of human rights”. Was Cyrus a mercenary fighting against a cruel regime in, what is now, Iran ? Is history repeating itself ? In fact Wikipedia confirms some of my suspicions, but I obviously have much study to do.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that as the Space Race begins to grow into curious toddler, we are being taken back to an area of the world that constitutes the origins of what we call modern society, Democracy, and culture. At least, as it has become to be known in international law and relations. First it was Iraq, then Afghanistan. Are we doomed to repeat what Cyrus did with Iran ? It may be a worthy cause, but the question has to be asked. If diplomacy has failed and War looms, is there a third way ?

DJ Barney


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