Tales from the Crypt: Psychiatry is Crypto-Fascism

“911 Truthers” think that Blair and Bush are “the new Nazi’s”. I say “friendly fire”“check your targets!”.

I could write here an endless debate about the efficacy of drug treatments, or the reality of various diseases, but that would be adding smoke to the smoke screen. Psychiatry is there to take away the life and rights of the individual for some nebulous “greater good”. From Wikipedia… “Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology (generally tied to a mass movement) that considers individual and social interests subordinate to the interests of the state.”

Clearly Psychiatry is not a state, or a strictly political movement. But here we move into the “crypto” side of that fascism. Try and pin it down and it’s like trying to grab hold of a greased fish, or to try dancing on watered ice without ice skates. You will come a cropper ! This is why Psychiatry is still seen as a respectable profession. At least the government, here in the UK has started setting up the “Care Quality Commission”, according to my MP. A mechanism with the power to shut down operations that are proved to be abusive… or so I’m told. Me and my MP are looking into this. Millions more are going to be spent on talking therapies….why ? Because those are the therapies that not only work for the individual, but also make sense for the state, because they WORK. They get people back to work !

So the state is not the problem (at least, not here in the UK). I reject absolutely the accusations of “mind control” and suggestions of other, again nebulous, state conspiracies. We have moved beyond the threat of the Fascist State. The only thing that has come close to it in modern times is Terrorism, but that is mostly tied to a distributed network more than an actual political state mechanism.

What we have here is more a case of the drug company as a Crpyto Fascist organisation. Hiding behind adverts, Scientific evidence and overblown stories about “violent mental health patients”. It’s encoded, encrypted. Your not supposed to be able to read the real message.


Apply common sense. Basic human rights apply. Again, I could get into a debate about why you shouldn’t believe certain things, but I won’t, because it will spread the cypher again and we’ll be back to square one. No. I believe in your God given powers of insight. Your ability to ask questions, and test the answers to see if they’re true. Your power not to be fobbed off with endless excuses and obfuscations (read “encrypted”).

There’s a line from the Clint Eastwood movie “The Outlaw Josey Wales”

“…and there’s another old saying Senator…Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining!”.

DJ Barney


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