New US Air Force Aircraft Carrier Unveiled


“It’s important for Commanders to stay relaxed while commanding the troops”, Admiral Beebody said.

This is a breakthrough in military strategy”..Beebody expanded …

We found that with all those afterburners lighting up right next to Commanders trying to think about important military strategy …. well, we had a few frayed nerves”

“We tried installing a swimming pool on the deck, but keyed up Marines were falling into the pool on the way to their helicopters”….

“Now we can just step back as a helicopter lands, and then continue when it’s in the air”

“If a jet wants to land or take off, we tell them to take it easy on the turf…that’s an expense that could be difficult to explain in the United States military budget”.

Apparently the Officers are ahead in the latest Golf League, a spokesman said. Meanwhile US Marines have taken to carrying a ten iron on missions for close combat uses.

In other news it was reported that Camel racing was being bought back in Afghanistan to give out of work Taliban fighters something to do.

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30 thoughts on “New US Air Force Aircraft Carrier Unveiled

  1. acording to my research if a marine loses a ball in the sea he is ordered to go and collect it imediately

  2. oh nd did i mention theyr making a troop carier fairly similar to it so they can practice puting up tents

  3. Damn,i never thought that someone would wanna try makeing an aircraft carrier into that…

    • Theyre trying to imply that the Air Force does’nt do anything. they just sit around and play golf.I mean the Navy can get a jet loaded and shot off the deck in a matter of seconds. however, it takes the Air Force hours to get a plane loaded refueled all that stuff, the same thing the Navy has to do in a matter of second in a more confined area with no probelm.Im in AFJROTC and just by watching and talking to my instructors as well as other instructors from other schools and they were so stuck up and rude, though I have the upmost respect for my SASI (Senior Aerospace Science Instructor) and every member of the United States military . Please don’t think im trying to trash the United States Military ,im not, i plan on joining myself and i thank every service member and pray for a safe return.

  4. Why, would the Air Force get a carrier? Isn’t that Navy’s job, to have the sea power? I mean, the Air Force doesn’t really get planes set up to be used on the carrier. They need their land bases. Maybe I’m missing something.

  5. Now this is a good idea when they said war is hell they mean it so its nice for the battlefield commanders to have a brake from it all when there coming back from there tours but only when coming back the deck should be aircraft and fun at the same time

  6. of course the air force doesnt have a carrier … this is a joke so like jim said, laugh. there is a running joke in the military that when the “chair force” builds a base (on land), the first thing they put up is the golf course. So the joke is, if the air force WERE to have an aircraft carrier .. this is what it would look like.

  7. This isn’t fake. Next, they’re going to build a Destroyer with a swing-set on the flightdeck, a spiraling slide from the bridge to the foc’sle, and monkeybars midships.

  8. its only a joke people, this blogger wants us to be happy not to become argue like “thats fake” of course it fake! or you dont have sense of humor?

  9. Whether it is fake or not isn’t the issue (its fake) The photo is a seriously cool bit of photoshopping so, to quote the above: “shutup and giggle”

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  11. No its real. We had it in dry dock here (Guam) last month for repairs to the 9th Hole… Some idiot let a missile go during launch and took out half the green.

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