Faulty Scientific Reasoning in the Health Treatment Model

I wrote to the UK Health Minister through my MP…the reply:

“Fluorine is bound up in the Prozac compound and is therefore safe.”

I keep hearing this table salt analogy . The last time in relation to Mercury (Thimerosal) in vacinations. As any school chemistry student knows salt has another form … a highly toxic gas. We don’t die if we eat chips though.

But, even so, why is this table salt analogy trotted out in the face of growing evidence that there are very serious human rights abuses, and revolting suffering going on because of the use of pharmaceuticals ? Why are we playing this game of “who has the most intelligent analogy” anyway ? Surely that all should be brushed aside and we look at the HUMAN RIGHT’S CONCERNS. Sorry, I don’t understand this game we seem to be playing.

The salt analogy works both ways as well anyway. If a chemical reaction can make a poisonous gas into a safe salt, then a reaction in the HUMAN BODY can also make a “safe” compound very unsafe. Do we understand much about the human body ? No. Does Science know everything about the Universe. No. Are people dying and suferring while we have this endless debate… YES!

Come on guys … it really IS’NT that difficult. Please.


DJ Barney

One thought on “Faulty Scientific Reasoning in the Health Treatment Model

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