The Sun is there, so why don’t we Use it ?

In my lets – stop – hand – wringing – over – the – environment – and – get – on – with – things series, I’ve hit Gold in them there hills again.


( Put this in your pipe and smoke it. )

Remember playing with a Magnifine Glass and the Sun as a kid ? The effortless way of making fire from the sky was always an eye opener to me into how reality is setup to provide us with everything … if only we can remove our blinkers of confusion.

This Slashdot article caught my eye. I still don’t get where the molten salt fits in, but the principle is sound. Take that Magnifine Glass to a much bigger scale and you have an instant Power Station using exactly the same principles as a Nuclear or Gas/ Coal station. Use heat to turn water into steam and run a turbine.

The ridiculous argument in the article linked from Slashdot that raised my heckles a little was the suggestion that these Power Stations could not be distributed because they would rely on being in countries like Morroco. Eh ? I’m sure a few North African countries (in the case of Europe) wouldn’t mind adding power generation revenues to their economies. Why not build them like Oil Rigs in the Med ? What about the far North, when at some times of the year the Sun shines for months at a time ?

You see, you really can get a free lunch, it’s true !


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