The Monoculture of the Mind

Think of those swaying fields of corn, or entire chunks of a country devoted to Beef production. Entire areas handed over to the production of one food, and one alone. It’s putting all your eggs in one basket. I learnt this in “O” Level Geography over 20 years ago ! You don’t cultivate one crop alone, because if that fails then you have nothing.

Yet this is what seems to be happening in some people’s minds. It spreads through society like Shopping Centers and that quaint philosophy “that we are alone in the Universe”. Or the assumption that “there is no cure for Cancer”. As Mike Adams points out 1 you can look at any medical system in the world, and you will find numerous, ancient treatments for Cancer. Before we get into an endless regress of “oh, that’s not proven”, ,or ,”they are unscientific”, ad nauseum, ask yourself this. Are YOU sure that you have command of your own mind ?

Just look at that other kettle of fish (crock of shite? Anyway), called “SETI”. UFO’s, Ancient Astronauts, you know the kind of thing. I get the feeling that Earth and the surrounding Galactic Neighbourhood is swarming with many different life forms, maybe some of them like us. But just like the “there is no cure for Cancer” Monoculture ( …“monomind”), we have been brainwashed into shutting down our God given common sense and repeat this idiocy to anyone we can find, at any chance we can get.

It’s an infective vector. A virilent Meme. A veritable outbreak of one thing repeated many times … Monoculture.

But just like T Cells, or White Blood Cells that can fight a disease in the body, in the realm of the Mind, it is symbols and words, ideas, that act as Antibodies. That’s all it takes. The monoculture is a fragile entity. Give it diversity and intelligent ideas that breed new intelligent ideas and it doesn’t know what to do.

Maybe we should try an experiment. Cleanse our minds of all those assumptions and “known facts”. THEN go looking for Aliens. My guess is that we would find them, and find they’ve been there all along.

The same with Health. All those diseases and ailments that people shuffle around with. Again, ease that mind. Maybe the “impossible” is true and your “killer” disease can be cured. Suddenly the Tiger is a little fluffy pussycat.


1. Breast Cancer Deception, A NewsTarget Special Report by Mike Adams.


One thought on “The Monoculture of the Mind

  1. I remember an old line often said “pay it no mind”.

    One can wonder, is mind consciousness? Or is mind a limited mono-separate, referencing unto itself?

    Yet, is there a ‘consciousness’?…. itself unchanged and prior to that meme mind? A mind oft described as a ‘memory’ mechanism, living a ‘mummery’ somewhat attached like to a ‘mammery’ in the ‘grasp’ of a mono-cultured persona.


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