Tibet: The Liberal Stupidity Revs Up Again

So Steven Spielberg withdraws from the Olympics. Now the great revolution must continue. Now it’s time for China to give in to the charms of the Liberal Agenda. All human rights abuses will be eradicated. We will live in a world of Peace … and Harmony. Anything that is complicated or needs some research doing will be swept under the carpet. Forward the great Liberal Agenda !

Tibet has always been part of China. Look at this map of the Qing Dynasty from 1644 to 1912.


I can hear the squeals now … “You’re justifying the deaths of the people dying in the current rebellion!”. “Justifying the deaths of” … where have a I heard that before ? Anyway. What kind of World do some people live in ? China, at least seems to have some kind of legitimate claim to Tibet … do your research ! This, of course, does not justify any kind of killing. China must respect their “minorities”, just like some African countries should, or Russian, or East European.

Here are some quotes from the Tibet Wikipedia article

“In the battle for supremacy in central Asia between Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia, a British force under soldier Francis Younghusband eventually invaded Tibet, cut down its warriors with the Maxim gun and occupied Lhasa in 1904. [4] [5] The invasion led to a peace treaty between Britain and Tibet, a document that some Tibetan historians see as recognition their remote mountain home as an independent entity. Imperial China was outraged by the invasion but could do nothing to stop it and waged a diplomatic battle to protect its own claims over Tibet.[5]

So there’s an episode from the West’s glorious past.

In 1949-1950, soon after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman Mao Tse-tung ordered the ‘liberation’ of Tibet by the People’s Liberation Army. Many Tibetan nobles and working people co-operated with the PRC government.[5] However clashes broke out over land reform and the Buddhist religion. In 1959, the Dalai Lama fled to India.”

“Liberated” in quotes, of course. But didn’t they ? I’m aware I’m expressing some kind of heresy here, but I’m just seeing it from the Chinese point of view. Is this kind of free thinking allowed in the West any more ? Or do we just pay it lip service ?

“The CIA funded a secret guerrilla war until President Richard Nixon decided to make up with Mao in 1969. Famines, followed by Chinese violence during the cultural revolution, intensified resistance to no avail.[5]

Nixon in China ? More of Americas glorious past.

“The Dalai Lama himself has long since abandoned calls for independence and now seeks genuine autonomy and respect for Tibetan’s human rights. [5] [6] The move was seen to be unpopular with many Tibetans in exile.[6]

So at least someone knows what’s going on. Thanks God for that ! Or should that be Buddha.

In Liberal Land, endless hand wringing over human right’s is coupled with a belief that an Olympics will suddenly solve a thousand year old problem. Then people wonder why they get horribly disappointed and blame it all on “Human Behaviour”, or “The Evil in the World”. Look, I, for one, will be beaming if there are changes in China and proper rights are extended to the Tibetan people, but many people seem to be practising a sort of wish fulfilment mentality. If they believe strongly enough then things will get solved in the end. Ummm … do your research.

DJ Barney


8 thoughts on “Tibet: The Liberal Stupidity Revs Up Again

  1. Thanks for the comment. A difficult article to read with all the New Age misinformation about Tibet we have to cope with. No doubt an “Enlightened” New Ager would throw this article across the room in horror ! But why not face it ? “Nothing is ever easy” as my local Restaurant owner says.

    The article seem to me to be a “take down” article about Religion. Maybe that’s because I’m Religious, I’m not sure. Isn’t it Human Behaviour that is the problem … not Religion ? Human derring do will use anything to hide behind to avoid you looking at the perpetrator. So many people seem to fall for this “Religion is the problem” thing. Religion is an attempt to confront and deal with the destructive side of Human Behaviour. The Gnostics bught us Science and Philosophy, is it the fault of Gnosticism that the Roman Empire started persecuting the early Gnostics … the Christians ? No doubt some Gnostics have their dirty “secrets”. Blimey, don’t we all ?

    Religion should not be beyond criticism, but is it not the individual that carries out evil acts ? It’s a bit like blaming things on “The System”, when that “System” is just piles of forms and guidelines on the table. The real action happens in people’s minds. To believe otherwise is the “Abstract Error”.

    There’s the oft quoted example in there of people being made to suffer for “mistakes in previous life’s”, not unlike some forms of Christianity saying we are all “sinners” and should be made to pay for it ! Most of these “facts” about Religion are just not a very enlightened interpretation of ancient Religious thought. Like David Ike saying “disabled people are paying for sins in a previous life”. I wouldn’t support what he’s saying, but maybe he’s just got a lot to learn ?

    Actually a more enlightened interpretation of the example in the article will say that all those life’s are being lived simultaneously, so uplifting one life uplifts all those incarnations … hence the multi armed Hindu Gods and Goddesses, or multi “ghost” images that are layered behind them.

    If people “F up”, is it the fault of Religion ?

    I think it’s a worthy article. It highlights exactly the thing the Chinese come out with at critical moments to fudge the debate, so why don’t we educate ourselves ?

    I wonder about the article though and the motivation of the author. It seems a bit like a “they’re all corrupt, we have to rebel” kind of approach. I find it a bit juvenile, to pick at all the worst parts of any society and present it as some huge “secret”. Don’t we all know evil exists ? Everyone tries to do their bit. We all know how draining it can be to go on and on about it. He could have made it a more balanced article.

    DJ Barney

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  3. Unfortunately your kinds of thinking are extremely rare. Old age or new age traditions , they f**k themselves up with the malicious intents of propagating the bloodline of confusion to everybody dismay. No way out for the human kind whether for the better or worse. If there is ever a chance for things to goes way of clarity of thinking and rationality?

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