Live Long ! Rejoice ! The Evil Emperor is Dead !

So he’s dead. The guy who started this nightmare for me and millions of others.

Extraordinarily, for what is supposed to be some kind of obscure conspiracy theory, the BBC News article mentions that he worked for the “Sandoz pharmaceutical laboratory”.

I think the BBC article says it the best…

Rock stars and the counter-culture of the 1960s picked up LSD as a wonder drug but horror stories began to emerge of users suffering permanent psychological damage.

LSD was made illegal in many countries beginning in the late 1960s.

While the Wiki news article touts his death as the sad passing of some kind of Saint like pioneer. Yuk ! ( See my comments on the Wiki News article talk page. ). An editors comments are very revealing …

“Further, I don’t think there is any need to discuss the negative consequences for those who chose to abuse LSD.”

(I hope SVT/Cobra will forgive me for quoting here).

SVT/Cobra echo’s the horrific propaganda that surrounds this subject and especially LSD. As if there is ANY “safe dose” of LSD ! I’ve known a few “LSD affectionardos” in my time, and, believe me I would not want to meet them again. One of them ended up head butting me in the face. They were misguided and VIOLENT. But they would still say “chill out man” and believe themselves to be super enlightened hippies. DUH !

LSD as a wonder drug but horror stories began to emerge of users suffering permanent psychological damage. (Source)

You would think, after the world made this AMAZING connection between a “wonder” drug and people going psychotic, broken families, suicides, and acts of violence, that it would NOTICED that the Pharmaceutical companies went on to use LSD as a basis for their endless supply of “wonder drugs” like “Prozac” and many other pharmaceuticals used for things like slimming AKA MDMA ….”E” !

WHY of WHY has this connection not been made on an official level ? I know I get wound up by the acts of violence that are blamed on the victims instead of the Pharma companies. But surely everyone does not suffer from this response ?

So maybe the passing of this “pioneer” (read: Evil Emperor) might open things up a bit and allow some clarity to emerge in the drug debate because so far few of us have our facts straight or have even done any disspassionate research.

Yours, at the edge of the Pharma Wars battlefield….

DJ Barney


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