The Future of Video Gaming ?

I was looking into the people behind “Racer” … a high end car racing simulation that is free and runs on Windows and Linux, and I discovered that as well as doing simulation for the automotive industry (with the sim connected to a MATLAB physics engines, for example), they do an entertainment system.

It got me thinking about things like Crysis and the Battlefield series. What if the same technology was applied to these video games ? Maybe the floor could be moving and motor controlled. The rig could tilt when you run up a hill, and go into a different mode when you enter a vehicle. The cost could possibly be high and one of these things would barely fit in a living room safely, but maybe they could revive the art of the Video Game arcade with people craning their necks to see what’s going on. Safety could be a problem if it’s a standing game, although I suppose harnesses and padding could be involved. My idea could do with some careful thinking through as I could swear there are ways of cleverly simulating the physics of what is going on in Crysis and Battlefield … afterall the Hexatech machine is geared (he he) towards racing.

Looking at their websites gives an idea of the astounding level of high end engineering going on. I wonder if it will ever catch on for more than racing ?

DJ Barney


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