The Cancer Quacks

So this hybrid embryo research is still being pushed through because it “will give us a cure for Cancer” as I heard this Scientist say on the radio (BBC Radio 4).

How long, how many decades, are we going to listen to this mantra ? How long are we going to allow ourselves to be duped and led around by the nose by this excuse that will end in more suffering and deaths ? We’ve had decades of cruel animal experimentation. Decades of people dying from Cancer, Aids, and other diseases while the same governments tell us about the CURE (if you want to call it that) in their own advice. Have we all gone mad ?

Nutrition. We’ve all heard it. Do I need to drag out the recommendations to eat healthier to save your heart or your mental life ? That IS the “Cure” for Cancer and Aids. These are natural treatments based on Vitamins and Minerals. Most people use it just by eating well, but advanced cases of these serious diseases can be treated by careful regimes of what we normally get in food … allowing the body to repair it’self … after all it’s evolved to do that over millions of years if given the right building blocks.

Don’t listen to these “Scientists” (they are not) who say that this kind of talk is “dangerous”. They work for the Pharmaceutical companies who have a vested interest in KEEPING you sick. But you don’t have to get involved in that fight. Just look at the advice from your government to eat well. Or go to your local health food shop. Do some research. Drop the fear. Anything is possible.

DJ Barney


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