Spielberg and Lucas Get It Wrong This Time

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I went to see the new Indiana Jones film (Spoiler warning).

Oh dear. Where was the film production that was supposed to be like the other films ? The print was muddy. The editing sloppy. The action sequences were just badly filmed.

What were they thinking ?

Where was the masterstroke of action sequence orchestration that we saw in the first Indiana film ? The scene where Indi takes control of the truck carrying the Ark is still a work of genius. A homage to every stunt technique created in Hollywood history. So well edited and crafted that it can be watched over and over, and I still gasp at the way it pulls me in to the action.

Where were the crisp perfectly framed stills that we saw in the bar fight in Indi One ? Freeze frame your DVD in that bar scene and almost every frame jumps out like some carefully drawn frame in a graphic novel.

Well, it’s humbling. Even the masters can fail.

“Even Master fail he can sometimes..” Yoda (Lucas are you listening ?)

Sometimes one has to fail to make something brilliant.

The audience in the theatre I saw the film in sauntered out very quietly at the end. In fact they did seem humbled. “So even these guys can get it wrong sometimes”. Is that what they were thinking ?

I heard a very telling comment…

“Indiana Jones doesn’t do UFO’s !”.

I think the Cold War setting was a mistake. complete with the nuclear explosion, it was too much ! I strongly believe the Cold War is still something very painful to a lot of people. It’s too much to examine so closely again the pain of “MAD” in what is an escapist film. It is much more comfortable looking at these things through the lens of World War Two or the 1930’s. Those periods of history have become accepted, legendary. We’re still sorting out the Cold War.

I saw a review that said that even this Indiana release is still a lot better than “the likes of National Treasure”. I strongly disagree ! National Treasure is a film that is very much like the original Indiana release. Snappy, audacious, “it has balls” as some 1930’s Hollywood magnate might say.

I hope Speilberg and Lucas learn from their mistake. Even Masters are still learning !

I’m still looking forward to the Star Wars TV series and the animated Star Wars feature. Spielberg and Lucas still have a lot of talent in there.

DJ Barney


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