Ubuntu – On The Shoulders of Giants

In the late 90’s I was struggling with my life. I was struggling with a “mono culture of the mind” on my computer… Microsoft Windows. It reflected my programmed brainwashed view of the world. Then a friend of mine mentioned Linux (thankyou Paul !). I installed it and immediately I could see what was coming. Now, ten years later, built on the shoulders of giants, here it is. The Ubuntu distribution is a work of genius !

The screengrab above shows the same idea I had at the beginning of the millennium. It seems that other’s were thinking similar thoughts. Not as some kind of attack on Windows. I think Windows has it’s place like any product. Just as a way to make the users experience as easy as possible and open up freedoms.

Now I have Ubuntu in my Windows boot menu. It is such a smooth system ! It almost makes me blush to compare with some of the systems that make users jump through so many hoops just to get something done. It’s sad. They seem lost in comparison.

The age of the “Uber Geek” is over, and yet it is many of those Geeks that have been working hard on the things “under the bonnet” in Ubuntu. So suddenly I can install applications at the click of a mouse … no compiling or fiddling around. Those video card effects on windows that I’ve been trying to get to work for years on Linux are suddenly there by default. I just had to update the Nvidia driver and enable because it’s a proprietary driver (not open source).

All this may seem like reporting the fall of the Berlin wall about 6 months later, or going on about the Moon landings, but I have some “complications” shall we say, going on in my life (I guess everyone has a few of those ;). It’s just a happy moment to see Tux chase off those angry Macho Geeky monsters who can turn the computer experience into a hair pulling hassle. Technology is a double edged sword. It does not automatically bring good. It has to be in the right hands. Ubuntu is like a whole colony of penguins storming the silicon castle and tearing down the gates so the people can come flooding in :)

DJ Barney


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