File Sharing Is Not Illegal: The Debate Explodes

It’s amazing how much debate a simple blog entry can generate. “No defence for ‘stealing’ music” is an article by the BBC’s Darren Waters. While the world is full of much more serious problems, apparently, it has already been decided that your sharing of music is evil… evil … EVIL !

I think it’s definitely a debate worth having. The issue is just riddled with ignorance. Are we all distracted by more pressing issues maybe ? Anyway , it’s another sort “fait accompli” if you ask me … “Sorry folks, it’s well known you’re all criminals, now bang em up !”. Excuse me ? I havn’t seen them yet, but I suspect there are lots of Court Cases and Copyright Law clauses that have already defined this issue ! It’s just that the big music industry players would prefer you really not see them.

Just look at the comments on that blog ! A polite, intelligent debate, with people who do seem to be concerned if they are really breaking the law, or having some kind of rebound effect on Artists welfare. Hardly the weazely scum bags sneaking around in black and white banded clothing that they are supposed to be (rolls eye’s).

DJ Barney

Latest – The BBC has just published a news article about legislation being voted on in Europe … “Europe votes on anti-piracy laws”. Similiar legislation was not passed in 2008 but I recommend that you write to your MEP (as I have done). People in the UK can use very easily, just writing a single email to all your MEP’s.


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