The Spirit of Resistance: Mainstream Medicine is a Deception

1 Tobacco ‘could help treat cancer’ ? Is this quite as absurd as the news item I saw about starting to use Thalidomide again ? Afer all it was only involved in one of the biggest medical scandals of our age. What could be producing these absurdities ? Could it be because so many people still have a babies dummy stuck in their mouths ? So juvenile that they go running after the promises of the health industry like that endless promise of a not very good Father to take you to the Park on Sunday. But he never does. The survivors run away and become real people. While the the dupes give in to self destruction and low self esteem. I really can’t decide any more. Is it the evil of the Medical Industry ? Or is the willingness of so many people to go along with their bare faced lies and promises ? Most of it isn’t even that much of a clever deception. Cancer – DNA – Drugs. The tripartite tragedy of treason. The betrayers of the human spirit. It began in the early part of the last century. The Psychiatric industry was developing, but it wasn’t just that. Take this quote from Francis Crick

“I’d like to concentrate on a certain issue. Do people even have the right to have children? As we have heard, it would not be difficult for governments to add something to the food supply which would prevent procreation. In addition, and this is hypothetical, the government could keep another substance at hand which would counteract the effect of the first one, and only people whose procreation is desired could receive it. This is definitely not out of the question.” 2

DNA you see. The epitome of reductionism. Anti Holistic. These people take one thing in isolation, blow it all out of proportion and then wonder why they’re still looking for a “cure to cancer”. Then they can stick their Eugenic aspirations into the deal as well. Ernst Rudin was a Psychiatrist and one of “The Men Behind Hitler”. We can still see those policies at work today. Pre WW2 they were actually very popular (see “The War Against the Weak” ). Today the “weak” are Cancer patients, AIDS sufferers and people with emotional problems. The medicines are toxic and kill, or at least will give you very serious health problems. If someone says chemo “saved their life” then ask yourself. How much suffering did they allow themselves to go through ? Was that really necessary ? Was it simply blind chance that by some miracle they survived the poisoning ? Just like a game of Russian Roulette but using these “treatments”. The people that die are casualties. The few that survive are “miracle cures”. Don’t get hypnotised. There is a very real deception going on here. But the only reason it exists is because people don’t face their own ignorance and naivety. For example I was reading a review of a WW2 video game, of all things, the other day. It contained this gem of a quote…

And it was a moment in history where the lines between good and evil were crisply drawn – that’s never happened before or since with such clarity. 3

Well, it’s to sell a video game, but I’ve heard this kind of thing before. This rose tinted spectacles view of WW2. As if modern life is so complicated. It was so simple then. Is this why we can’t see that that war is still being fought now ? The “FUBAR” that ended in Hitler’s Bunker and with the Atomic Bombs in Japan happened for some very real reasons to do with the popularity of Eugenics and racial policies. I’m still learning. I’ve ordered books. But it pains me to see people treating themselves so badly when there are safe natural treatments available. “They would prove that they work if they did”.. I hear you say. I’d say. “Don’t be so naive”. Read the above. This country (UK) holds the NHS in high esteem. As it should. There are many hard working people in it. It was one of the major political polices after the Second World War. But we’re being deceived into thinking that these drugs are helping anyone. “Herbs” are very strong treatments, as powerful as anything that a company can produce. My Lavender Oil relaxes me as much as any over the counter therapy, with no “side effects”. I have literally saved my life by using many of the things you can buy in the Health Food Shop. What’s “alternative” about that ? What “alternative” about therapies that can actually make you healthy instead of giving you more and more health problems ? The NHS should throw off these nasty treatments and the whole history of oppression behind them so we can give what the people in this country really deserve. Isn’t that worth fighting for ?

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