Ubuntu – Do You really Know what it Means ?

( Source – Bee-hind the times )

In the 1980’s my family was in a state of Ubuntu.

“.. and you’ll be blindfolded …. [in the truth of the moment] ….”

… as Gary Busey says (see this Youtube video ).

Did we know it ? Of course we did. We knew it in every cell of our body. It was so obvious that no one had to say it.

But then a move came. My Father went mad. I mean that in the traditional sense of the word. He took a foolish decision unwisely and then denied the mistake had been made. Making a rash decision with terrible consequences.

Suddenly there were no more Folk Clubs. I remember running around as a kid at these events with this wonderful feeling of community. Inside were mysterious songs and tunes, outside was the cool night and the stars. Mysterious.

My Brother was a bit of a tear away, but somehow in the rich network of relationships around us he was finding his way. Then came that move. We were uprooted from Ubuntu and left to dry out in the Sun. There were no more folk clubs in the place we had moved to. My Brother started getting into trouble. He turned to drugs. My Mother died, of a sort of broken heart really. She had been removed from Ubuntu. No more musicians arrived at our home. She watched as her children descended into terrible suffering. All the time my Father watching on as if nothing of this had any connection to the Truth of what had happened.

Suddenly, in an epiphany of insight I could understand why some countries in Africa are raped by terrible horror. This example sprang into my mind like an urgent message from God ! Community sharing of music can sweep these horrors aside. The World is kidding it’s self if it’s remains cynical about that kind of power to do good … through Ubuntu.

The divisiveness and evil of the so called … do I have to say the word ? That system that takes a traumatised person and does not find out what went wrong. It does not teach them about Ubuntu. “Support Workers” take their patients for a walk in the country that only rubs in more and more how separated they have become from everything. Their only absurd solution seems to be more and more drugs and misunderstandings. Missing the real richness of life that holds the entire sanity of societies together. How truly, horribly ironically insane those people are !

It’s time the World threw out this stupidity. This linear shut-down way of seeing the world. How easy it would be to heal the problems that slime their tawdry way through the news everyday. It takes hard work, but the answers are there. Through Ubuntu.

“It Just Works”.

I met a Taxi driver yesterday and we got talking about natural treatments. He said that his daughter had hay fever. He didn’t want to use these anti-histamines, because as he put it “they disable you”. Lack of concentration. Drowsiness.

So he did his research. He was told to start using locally produced honey. So his daughter had that on toast for three weeks. Bingo ! No more hay fever, with no trouble. “It just works”. If you wonder what was happening then her immune system was being introduced to many of the local pollen grains through the honey, if you want a Scientific explanation. But remember “It Just Works!”. Do we need to know why ?

“If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”. I wonder if my Father sometimes wonders about what happened to us. Sadly I doubt it.

Addenum: Here is a good example for this blog entry. “Folk Club”, Colum Sands introduces live music from the 22nd Fiddler’s Green Festival in Rostrevor. Listen to the song by the South American singer and the speech he makes. Have some people become so sure that “healing the world with music” is naive that they fail to even try it and so perpetuate their own misunderstandings ? If you can’t stream the recording then contact me for a copy.

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