The Spirit of Resistance 2: China – Calling the Kettle Black ?

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How can the West demand that China open up more freedoms without getting it’s own house in order ? It seems that the things close to home are too close to see. Millions of people’s health abused. Lies spread every day about how toxic chemicals are, absurdly, some kind of “health cure”. A game that I’m surprised people are’nt more sick of (pun intended), although, joking aside, this repression is just as bad as anything China can come up with.

The Health Ranger makes the same comparison. “Media Censorship at Olympics in China Mirrors FDA Censorship of Health Product Claims in America”.

As I wrote in “Tibet: The Liberal Stupidity Revs Up Again” the West seems to hold it’self above any criticism, although saying that, it is there. I’ve seen a number of journalists at least broach the subject of how we see democracy as always the right way. The recent death of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn reminded me that I have seen the same Gulag he saw. The same concentration camp that he wrote about, incredibly, sits on a hill here in this very town that I’m in, but people are too blind, or just simply have not been told that thats what it is.

So the Cold War did end. Why not carry on from there ? The Russians pull off the impossible everyday. What is the West doing. Just being “free” ?

DJ Barney

( The Spirit of Resistance: Mainstream Medicine is a Deception )

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