Viva the Olympic Spirit !

The opening ceremony reduced me to blubbing I’m sad to admit. Seeing how much work China had put into this after all the endless criticism, and truly the way people and countries can work together and the pure variety of people … well, if you’d been in my sitting room you would have seen a grown man blub.

Here is a blog, by a Chinese man ? It has some good photo’s of the ceremony and some interesting comments. The BBC commentary was perilously close to the edge sometimes and was sometimes patronising, but hey … this the BBC ! I just found this one that has the best photo’s.

Let’s keep politics out of the Olympics, just like the drugs should not be in there. Both the opening speech and the oath taken for all the athletes had very strong anti doping statements. Very clear. Dope and you’re out. As it should be.

So if you did’nt see the ceremony then watch it on BBC iPlayer or wherever. It was a stunning artistic experience without a single flaw. Completely harmonious which was it’s theme. I think those were tears of joy.

DJ Barney

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