The Olympic Fireworks Were Not ‘Faked’. More Media Spin Over China.

I’ve written before about the one sided criticism of China ( The Spirit of Resistance 2: China – Calling the Kettle Black ?, Tibet: The Liberal Stupidity Revs Up Again ).

Now, after a little research about the Olympic fireworks being “faked” ( see China faked footprints of fire coverage in Olympics opening ceremony ), I found a video on YouTube …

… which, if real, shows the “faked” fireworks in full effect.

The media are either too stupid or hypnotised to put the pieces together and instead resort to propaganda-like organ grinding black journalism that almost has the flavour of pre war or Cold War politics. They already reported the smog problems but don’t seem capable of working out why flying a helicopter in it might be dangerous. Especially in a very high security zone. China could have just put in video not unlike the YouTube film, but in the light of all the facts we get a very different picture. The highly stylised and important opening ceremony would demand such a “faked” video in light of all the events. Especially taking into account all the criticism. China obviously didn’t want to drop a thread, but the media continue to manipulate people’s emotions on the subject. Why ? Because China is “bad” ? How juvenile.

I don’t mean to excuse China’s human rights abuses. They do go on in Tibet or wherever. China should do a lot about them.

But you know WE (the West) have them as well. Yes, I’m talking about America, the United Kingdom, France and other countries.

But the media seem to have forgotten how to report the news. They are either too afraid, too asleep, or are just not good enough journalists to report the millions that are dying from abuse by the pharmaceutical companies IN THE WEST.

Natural treatments are available that SAVE THE LIFE’S of people with Cancer, Aids, or Diabetes. The studies are out there. I DARE YOU to search any medical database to prove this. These natural treatments are available now in a proven form to treat those diseases and many others with little or ZERO horrific “side effects” (ironic laugh).

The media have become too cock sure that we live in the “Free West”. This term is emptily repeated over and over although most people would, I think, if they were honest with themselves would say that there is still a lot of work to do. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think we live in a fascist society or anything like that. I just think some rather sad blind spots have developed.

So next time you criticise China make sure you remember to water those plants back home as well.

DJ Barney

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