Sigh. Time to break out of here again.

So sure are they that their theory of evolution is correct … and linear. Yet, as far as we know, we have never ventured beyond the orbit of our moon.

I suspect there are already humans out there. An outrageous statement maybe. But think about. Plate tectonics could have erased the fossil evidence millions of years ago. New fossil species are still being discovered. There are new living species discovered everyday. What is so sure that we know everything ?

More so, why is evolution assumed to be a linear process ? Look at Quantum Physics. “Spooky action at a distance”, the way the perceiver is so tied up in what he is perceiving. There is no clinical “objective” view. That kind of thinking started changing at the beginning of the last century.

Of course there is no evidence that I know of that there are human colonies already on other worlds a’la Stargate SG-1. But frankly … why not ? In my opinion Science has become set in the concrete of it’s own “facts”. The schools that are supposed to teach “free thinking” churn out people that parrot these Scientific “facts” ad infinitum. I’m sorry if you’re one of those people. But ask yourself next time someone questions the theory of evolution. Why are you suddenly thinking “Creationist” when Science is supposed to be able to freely question it’s own theories ?

Is life ever so simple ? Things are rarely the way we suppose them to be.

DJ Barney

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