Bastards !

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Patient 4959.4561 desperately rechambered a round. It was becoming difficult to shoot at anything as the instinct was to keep below the level edge of the trench. An HE tank round slammed into the post nearby. The sight he caught out of the corner of his eye was one of Herring disappearing in a cloud of smoke and something red. He decided not to look. Herring ! The Bastards. Bastards, bastards ! But he had to stay calm.

The extreme look of defiance on the patients face was noted down as usual as “symptom of disease 38475”. The Doctor nodded sagely at his protégés.

“Here we have a very interesting case. Patient 4959.4561 thinks he’s still fighting the Second World War.”

“Extraordinary” said Alex. “He was a Soldier ? PTSD ?”

“No, no. No record of any service we can find. We’ve had a sort of mock military de-briefings with him. I decided to let the delusion run. I took a few notes, but then we had to use drug 485885. The patient became angry and thought we were tricking him. Poor fellow”.

The patient still had that look on his face. Could it be …. ? No impossible thought Alex. No one in here was ever real about anything. The notes intrigued him though and he duly sought permission from the Doctor to read them. “Just curious ? I hope you’re not thinking of trying to understand the delusions Alex. It’s a classic mistake in the field”. “No, no. Of course not” I said.

Timecode 37464: Interview with patient 4959.4561.

Patient: “So you see I became party to intelligence information way above my clearance. I was behind enemy lines. Cut off from support. What was I supposed to do ? Imagining things you say ? No how could I be ? Look I know you have to put on these acts old chap, but this is the strangest debriefing I’ve ever had.”

“Anyway, the war is being lost and they know it. They had already manufactured Zyklon B gas for use in the genocide. Of course no one is supposed to know that, but I have clearance for that. So I heard rumours about hidden “shoe factories” where there were “strange goings on”. I eventually managed to infiltrate. They weren’t factories. They were research installations. God, Christ … sorry … the things I saw in there.”

Doctor: “Take your time”.

Patient: “Cough, splutter. Sob. Long pause. OK, I think I can continue now. I saw horrible things in there. Human experimentation. They were testing chemicals on them. I worked there for a few days using the false papers I had been provided with. This wasn’t any old experimentation. Some of the other classified information I’ve seen has documented purely vindictive experiments but this was of an altogether different order entirely.

I saw all their notes. They were looking for a chemical that would put someone in terrible suffering. A silent living hell. But a chemical that would make sure no one would notice, or if they did then no one would know what had caused it. There was also a machiavellian, devil like streak to what they were doing. People on this “chemical” would appear almost completely normal but would sometimes carry out acts of horrific violence for no reason. One of their subjects was a member of the local resistance who I’d been working with only months before. I was sure my cover would be blown but he did’nt recognise me. In fact although anyone vaguely acquainted with him would not have noticed, I realised that he was no longer “there” if you know what I mean.”

“But this is where…. Are you still with me ?”

Doctor: “Yes, of course.”

Patient: “This is where I started to panic. I was becoming aware of intelligence way above my clearance. My next radio contact was not for a few days.”

Doctor: “What do you mean?”.

Patient: “The documents I saw were plans to be activated after the war. They know they’re losing you see. The documents showed the development of certain fake companies that would distribute these chemicals as “cures”. We already know about I G Farben, the manufacturer of Zyklon B gas, but these were plans of the most exquisite detail, planning the post war break up of I G Farben. Legitimising the business that the experiments were proving could be used to covertly destroy an enemy. Have you heard the term “silent weapons for silent wars” ?”

Doctor: “No, I don’t think I have.”

Patient: “Well you should have, we were all taught it in training. Are you sure this debriefing ruse is necessary ?”.

Doctor: “Er, yes, carry on.”

Patient: “Well, that’s what I was reading in these documents. A sort of covert chemical warfare.”

End Patient Interview Timecode 37578.

He could see the tank metal heat up to an almost white and red colour as the AP round hit it with a terrible screech of complaining armour. It was going to be difficult to succeed with this behind the lines insertion. The attack was rigged to look like a failed attempt. In the chaos of retreat, when the enemy thought they had won he was to slip away. Knifing the one soldier he came across was horrific. He squirmed and yelped in his grasp. He was afraid he’d give him away. He couldn’t get the sound of the knife scrunching into his body out of his mind but managed to shrug it off just in time to avoid a patrol. He soon found a place to hastily put on the enemy uniform he carried in with him. Battle torn and blood stained. Then he took the silenced revolver and shot himself in the leg, trying to stifle his cries. He quickly hid the revolver and starting limping towards the nearest outpost. The ride to the hospital was bumpy and nerve-racking, but the hospital was well equipped, if disturbing. Screams tortured his ears. Soldiers hammered out curses and hate at their disfigurements and at the murderers of their slaughtered friends. He was glad to be patched up and released, but he’d already heard the rumours of the “shoe factories” and “strange goings on”.

Patient 4959.4561: “Are you sure there’s any need for these debriefing ruses old chap?”

Doctor: “Now there. Just calm down. Everything will be fine soon.”

Could it be ? Thought Patient 4959.4561. The bastards ….bastards, BASTARDS ! They havn’t fucked up my reinsertion again have they ?

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