Alan Alder Babbles and Hawkeye Turns in his Grave

Did anyone else have a problem with Alan Alder going on about the new accelerator project on BBC Radio 4 recently (see iplayer) ?

He sounded exactly like one of the people that Hawkeye railed against in MASH. Apparently he was “inspired” by a Science series he used to appear on, but seems to have learnt nothing from MASH.

While the world masturbates (sorry, but it’s true) over the new Accelerator physics project, the same “Science” produces drugs that rape minds, kill and torture children. Honorificly abuse women, men, old people and now even pets.

That same “empirical evidence” and “scientific method” is used to pass those drugs as “safe”. It’s laughable. I don’t know, maybe the few who cried fowl and warned about the mini black holes had a point. Maybe we narrowly missed total annihilation. How would we know ?

It seems Science is becoming a panacea and an excuse.

Like the three blind monkees we are blind to our own animalistic failings (and strengths) as we march boldly on into our Space Age future, ignoring the war and it’s IMPLICATIONS that was fought only a little over 60 years ago.

But it’s, oh, so much hassle raking over these things again is’nt it. I mean who gives a shit ? Why not ignore everything and rush on to some new disaster.



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