The Financial Crisis – A Bad Thing … Or The End Of A Nightmare ?

In The Independent. Thursday 9th October, Steve Richards writes …

“An era has ended. The orthodoxy originating in the 1980’s is broken”

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The blind faith in “free markets” and profit at any cost (a half a trillion cost in this case) is at an end.

It’s … is there a word ? Maybe it’s to early to describe all this exactly in a single word.

But it’s breathtaking how QUIET everyone has gone. Characters who have thundered away for years about “free markets” have gone very, VERY quiet. There’s barely a whisper about how all this effects developing countries. A debate about fairness of trade that has gone for decades.

My main hope is that the situation with the Pharmaceutical companies will change as well. The extreme danger’s of the drugs they use … to individuals and society, have been heavily promoted by profit making interests. It has been their blanket blackout of any kind of rational debate that has obscured the extreme dangers of these drugs to individuals and families. The Pharma companies have done this through aggressive advertising and dirty tricks, if not just plain criminal corruption … but I’ll leave that to the Courts.

My hope is that that knightmare is over. The blackout will end and it will be revealed that we’ve all been tricked into paying lots of money for drugs that actually kill people or allow them to suffer with extra diseases that can also be treated … with expensive drugs.

In the same paper I also read a piece about a statement by the new Russian Prime minister  (not not Putin) …

Russia seeks security pact

Thursday, 9 October 2008

America’s self-styled role as the world’s dominant power is undermining global security, the Russian President has claimed.

“A desire by the United States to consolidate its global domination led to it missing a historical chance… to build a truly democratic world order,” Dmitry Medvedev said of US actions since the attacks of 11 September 2001.

Mr Medvedev also suggested that US economic dominance had added to turmoil on financial markets around the world. Russia’s war with Georgia in August showed the security mechanism in Europe, based around Nato and the US, needed a major overhaul, he added. He proposed a new security pact to ban the use of force or the threat of its use, and would make clear that no single country, including Russia, would have a monopoly on providing security for the continent.

In an unusually emotional speech, Mr Medvedev said Washington passed up a historic chance for a new partnership after the 9/11 attacks, when Moscow offered to join Washington in fighting terrorism. The invasion of Iraq and Washington’s plans to station elements of a missile defence shield in eastern Europe scotched that partnership.

“After toppling the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the US started a series of unilateral actions,” he said. “As a result, a trend appeared in international relations towards creating dividing lines.” He said Western policymakers viewed Russia through an outdated Cold War mindset. About the world’s financial turmoil, Mr Medvedev said “economic egotism” was a contributing factor, a term coined to describe US policy. Russia has suffered badly from the fall in global markets.

( Source )

There’s THAT phrase … “outdated Cold War mindset”


THIS is why the situation with killer pharma drugs has been allowed to continue I suspect. We were simply distracted by the Cold War. Dealing with not blowing ourselves away with those weapons was enough to deal with. So hold on to your hats … things could start getting very interesting.

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