Woke up, Heard the News. Burst into Tears.

On Wednesday 5th November, here in the UK I woke up about 9 in the morning. I put on the radio and there it was. Obama had won. I burst into tears ! So there you go. Grown men do cry. It always surprises me when I do. It made me realise how hard the last 15 years has been. How this sometimes unrelenting tide of hate and cynicism has built up over the years. Masquerading it’s self as “oh, that’s how life is”. Now it just looks rather silly. Some people would rather blame “life” than look in the mirror and see how sad, and lost they have become. Life is fine thanks very much. As a piece of music I was listening to said, You’ve been hurt .. it cuts right to the bone … it’s time to move on … move on”.

Never look back, unless it’s to learn something from history.

I wish America well. I was reading about Thomas Jefferson. I am reading “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine. America does embody a sort of rational optimism, just like you might find in Japan. Or India, or Africa. Obama is “just” a President. The real force for change is all the people who voted him in, and all the voters who took place in that election on either side.

As I move towards taking part in my own Civil Rights Movement, I can only guess at the pure tenacity and belief in humanity that has moved forward the racism issue. Those who would dare single out any group; the Jews, Gays, Mentally Ill people. Those who would do that do not have all the power, not by a long way. I have suffered and almost lost hope under the duress of human rights abuses carried out by the Psychiatric Industry. Who could believe that they are the protege’s of the very NAZI’s that carried out the Final Solution and T4 projects that were defeated militarily in 1945 ? Sadly they carried on with their plans. Who would believe such a thing ? And yet there it is, all spelled out in one of many books on the subject “Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler” ( Freedom Press ). It seems like Science Fiction, and yet Obama has been elected ! I think of (I hope not too crassly) of the Black “world president” in The Fifth Element.

The Fifth Element … Love … thy fellow man.

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