Business As Usual

Wolf News flickers on an old TV …

“…these people are simply suffering from very serious mental health disorders and imagine themselves to be Freedom Fighters. I urge anyone listening who is showing those kind of symptoms to hand themselves in at the nearest Doctor for treatment…”

“But, Professor McBain, studies have shown that the diseases you cite simply do not exists. How do you answer that ?…”

“We don’t support those studies. They were badly financed studies and neither were they supported by the FDA …”

“But Professor ….”

BZZZZZT! Another channel flickers into view …

“Today the Pharmaceutical magnate Dan Green made an undisclosed donation to the Ubizen Cancer Foundation….”

The scene switches to a high society funtion. Mr Green shakes hands with various Tuxedoed celebrities with a million dollar smile on his face.

BZZZZZZT ! The old TV is turned off.

Chirp … chirp… chirp …chirp.

The crickets chime in loudly in a small hut. A man sits by a flickering lamp polishing an AK47. It was going to take some time to get the scoring off the metal this time.


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