Down With The Matrix. Viva Zion !

So now we see the demand for a real inquiry into the abuse of a poor baby, by the leader of the opposition, David Cameron. Gordon Brown continues to be “tone deaf” as Radio 4 puts it, seemingly blind to all but the tip of the iceberg that we see here. The head of the department in question is calling for the inquiry in which she will be involved. She will be investigating her own department !

“Inquiry” = Coverup.

On the same day as the extraordinary exchanges in Parliament, I heard this Radio 4 Program “All In The Mind” with the Psychologist Dr Liz Andrew, Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow at Cardiff University (*NOT* a Psychiatrist!) interviewed about her recent research into the relationship between Psychics and Mediums vs “Schizophrenics” and so called Mental Health Patients.


As Obama being elected is akin to landing on the Moon (as Phil Hendrie put it) then this is an equally major breakthrough.

The Psychiatric industry is anti Religion. It is anti Spirit and a whole tradition of astral healing and life that goes back to Pagan times. The “War against the Weak” (as Edwin Black put’s it) is nothing less than an attempt to eradicate those that would differ from the “norm” that Psychiatrists self servingly define.

Psychology has some kind of respect for the viewpoint of the individual and Dr Andrew has just published her article about how the difference between “mental health” and “Medium” voices are perceived, in the journal of Psychological Medicine. She does not suggest that patients are “hearing the voices of spirits”. But she did say that if that is what the patient believes THEN IT SHOULD BE RESPECTED.

This is crucial. I’ve seen myself, my Brother and other people relentlessly bullied because of the suggestion that “they might believe they are speaking to spirits”. This is NOT exceptable in a free, open and democratic society, and all citizens who value their freedom should NOT put up with this kind of behaviour. The very fact that this article is being published suggests some kind of major sea change in the “mind” professions. There it is in the Journal. There it is on Radio 4. No Psychiatrists baying out their evil like rabid dogs.

Thank God.

I hope this signals the death knell of particularly evil empire that has haunted the world since the end of WW2. No doubt the perpetrators will shrink into the shadows. But I don’t know, maybe some will be convicted and put on trial, who knows ?

Viva Zion. Viva Society !


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