Monsters from the Id


While Adams confronts Morbius, Ostrow sneaks in and uses the educator. Before he dies from its effects, he gasps out his revelation: the vast machine was designed to let the Krell materialize anything they wanted at a mere thought. “But the Krell forgot one thing! Monsters, John! Monsters from the id!” Though the Krell considered themselves civilized, their subconscious minds were unleashed to act out their darkest urges, resulting in their destruction.

A scene from Forbidden Planet.


…he realizes that Guill is in the business of sharing and collecting violent images between people…

A plot element from the Star Trek: Voyager episode, “Random Thoughts“.

What connection is there between these two things and the dark stories passed around about the Mental Health (Hell) System ?

Tune in to this blog again for the next exciting episode.

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