International Space Complex

Yes, a complex. I heard someone refer to it as that for the first time the other day. I’ve been watching the current space walks.

There’s still some of the occasional comments out there about it being a waste of money, or even stealing resources from starving people ! It’s certainly a valid critiscim. My view is that things are’nt so simple. “A” rarely leads to “B”, leads to “C”. Most starvation problems are political. Civil war and so on. Diverting a few billion dollars to “solve” it probably wouldn’t work. In fact I’d say it definitely wouldn’t work. More so, the ISS makes up a fraction of most countries GDP. It looks big and resource hungy but actually is’nt in the overall picture.

Problems of poverty are, from what I’ve seen, perpetuated by narrow, uninspired thinking. The unmeasurable benefit of the Space Age, I believe, is to open minds and lead to new, unexpected solutions.

But enough rhetoric. Here are some photos.

Room with a view

Room with a view

Flickr Page

Astro Droids are Real

R2D2: Astro Droids are Real

Flickr Page

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