Monsters From the Id: Episode Two

Welcome back for another exciting episode of “Monsters from the Id!

In the previous episode our hero discovered the hidden connection between a film and an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, that has relevance in the need to reform the cruel mess that is the Mental Health (Hell) System.

Consider this Wikipedia article. You may be familiar with the terms “id”, “ego” and “super ego”. Most people have certainly heard the term “ego”. But according to the Wikipedia article those terms are actually mistranslated from the original German. My own knowledge of German bears this up. What they actually mean is self explanatory …

Id = "It"
Ego = "I"
Super Ego = "Over I"

Now what, you might ask, does this have to do with anything ? Well, consider “Forbidden Planet“, it’s all there in this film. To damage the “I” is to invite destruction. This is what Mobius is doing by using the alien machine and then Ostrow demonstrates in a more dramatic form. Without the “I” and it’s relationship to “Super I” those “monsters from the id” .. the IT … have free reign with their destructive and dark impulses.

This is exactly what any drug or treatment used in the Mental Health (Hell) system does. It destroys the “I”, the self. It causes brain damage. This is why it’s so absurd asking someone that has had these treatments if they “feel better” and then taking their answer as a given. If they have brain damage, how would they know ?

To damage the “I” is absurd and very, very dangerous to say the least. This approach ignores over 200 years of careful research and documentation carried out by Freud and then Jung (a pupil of Freud) and entire legions of psychoanalysts and psychologists.

This is where the episode of Voyager comes in to this .. exciting episode  ! ( remember ? )

The dark impulses unleashed by damaging the “I” are getting passed around that Mental Health (Hell) system like some kind of dark trade in revolting stories. No wonder no one will go near this subject (well, hardly anyone).

So here is my call. Why don’t we end this silly game we seem to be playing ?


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