Interplanetary Exploration Carnival

Here is Opportunity Rover making it’s way out of Victoria Crater.

Dancing on the rim of Victoria

Dancing on the rim of Victoria. This Ani PNG was made by me from frames downloaded by Midnight Mars Browser.

Ani GIF version for those who can’t play APNG, and a large Ani GIF version.

But it’s not all Craters and rocks …


Playing on the Beach


The Clouds, the Sand.


Busy Little Bee

The MRO satellite has also spotted the rover tracks from orbit …

With the ESA passing funds for investment in Space, and now MIT advising the new Obama goverment to invest in Space we can see the Carnival continuing. With projects like FEWSNET (Famine Early Warning System) using data from NASA and ESA satellites the pay offs from investment in space are very real. Now aid agencies are getting warnings of trouble spots months or years before the event. Of course the country itself can use the information as well.

Welcome to the Carnival of Space.

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