Geomagnetic Light Phenomena

An article in my Sunday Times about a man seeing lights over his local Church reminded me of a similar phenomenon that I witnessed. Curiously enough … over a Church.

No, I’m not going mad. A sane enough reaction really, to think … “is it just me?”.

The man in the article reported the lights (some pulsating and moving) as “UFO”‘s. Well they could be considered “unidentified” but I don’t think they are craft or visitors as the word “UFO” is commonly understood. But I could be wrong. We live in a very mysterious Universe, and to believe that there are no more mysteries is to give in to delusion.

The phenomenon of “Earth Lights” is actually quite well documented. There is a monitoring station in northern Norway at a place called Hessdalenand. The lights have been seen in other parts of the world.  The station  has recorded video and images of these lights. Extraordinarily high temperatures and other unusual physical readings. I suspect that many ancient Pagan sites are associated with “Earth Lights”. The church where I saw my lights is built on a Pagan site. What is going on, I suspect, is the production of geomagnetic energy anomalies. The Scientific explanation. But why not Religious, or Mystical as well ? The Earth producing strange energies and “lights” that behave in a peculiar fashion certainly seems mysterious enough to me.

All this led me on to  consider again something that has been bothering me for years. Ever since I got involved in that most dreaded of Mars features .. wait for it .. yes (drumroll) .. The Face on Mars, I have noticed a worrying aspect of what we call Science. Actually I don’t think it is Science at all that I am seeing, but some quite worrying human behaviour. Even if a “Face”, or “Lights” or whatever, do or do not exist, it is no excuse to treat people interested in these subjects as social pariahs. That most offensive of internet terms .. the “Woo Woo”. If anyone mentions that term it just destroys for me any Scientific credentials that person may have. It is the enemy of Science to denounce the curious ! It is the curious, after all that made Science in the first place ! So it makes me laugh when I see people banned from forums for daring to mention “that Face” .. or for pushing their “irrational” theory. Some people need to wake up ! That kind of behaviour is dangerous and divisive.

In fact I have paid a heavy price for standing up for those curious people who investigate such subjects as “Lights” or “Mars faces”. I’m only just beginning to understand why I managed to get myself drugged and labelled as “mad” by those gate keepers of our society … Psychiatrists. They have slimed their way into our culture so sneakily that I almost quake at typing these words. But this has got to stop ! I struggle to bring together these two worlds I have seen. The blue skies world of Science … The ISS, interplanetary exploration ,and now research into a Space Elevator … with the world of shut down people who have forgotten that they live in a huge mystery. Those are the people who lock people up for daring to mention things that they are afraid of … or that they just plain don’t want to exist.

You can hide it behind as many layers of bogus “diseases” or “madness” as you want, but it still has that unnerving smell of a true politico / social control system. It is the same one that once stalked the former Soviet Union and still does in China. People have been locked up in Psych wards before because of their beliefs. Why ? Because it works. Nothing works better than maligning someone’s sense of sanity and their reputation.

So, when I start looking at Earth Lights again, and “anomalies” on Mars … I have to remind myself. These things really upset some people !

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2 thoughts on “Geomagnetic Light Phenomena

  1. Wow – I LOVE that you consider the Space Elevator as a SCIENCE project! We have been working for 7 years to transform the idea from (your words!) the ‘Woo Woo’ to the real, functioning and experimental project that it is. For the first several years were were vilified for our vision, and now, finally, that is turning around.

    We still have a long long long ways to go, but we are making progress.

    That said, in many circles, working on the Elevator to Space is up there with ‘work’ (the skeptics always add the quotation marks, with implied sarcasm) in anti-gravity or quantum mechanics. Some people simply cannot wrap their head around the possibilities that will result – if we are right. At this point in our project, healthy, rational skepticism is a good thing. But it’s the times when ‘they’ turn off their braincells, and decry “it’ll never work” that make me weep for them, and embolden me on my mission.

    Take care, and thanks for your interest and support of our project.

    Michael Laine

  2. Thanks for the comment !

    I read somewhere that after one of the critics of the Wright Brothers begrudgingly accepted that their airplane did in fact fly … he added … “But it will never carry passengers”.

    Another post that mentions the recently formed consortium …

    It also contains an amazing piece of artwork that I found from NASA of a Space Elevator.

    Although I was thinking that the elevator is actually a minor part of the post you commented on, now I’m not sure. I sort of see it as a ladder up the side of one of those barred barriers on the edge of a cot. It’s about time we clambered out and got some livin’ done.

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